Practice writing Chinese characters (Exercise 2)



Today we will practice writing 10 words used in the “Two Odd Tigers” song discussed in Chapter 1 of “Learn Chinese through Songs and Rhymes“. Please print out the sheet at the following link:
Chinese Character Tracing 6

Trace over the fainter characters to become familiar with the position of each stroke then write the character in the three blank spaces yourself.

Details about the types of strokes you will encounter in Chinese characters and the correct stroke order can be found at this link.

By the way, Mother’s Day is coming up. To my own dear mother in heaven:

Zhè duǒ xiānhuā xiàn gěi nín;
This carnation I offer you today,

您看不到, 也听不见.
Nín kàn bù dào, yě tīng bù jiàn.
But you cannot see, nor can you hear.

Dàn pàn tiānshǐ shāo gè xìn,
Hope the angels will relay

Yáo chuán wǒmén de sīniàn.
How much you’re missed by all of us here.

Those of you who are fortunate to still have your mother and/or grandmother around, don’t forget to express your love to them in a way they can appreciate. Come to think of it, have you noticed that, when inverted, MOM becomes “WOW”?

Mǔqīnjié kuàilè!
Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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